Updated: 2016-09-13

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Education is an important step in preparing for earning a living in the work place, but only if it leads to personal knowledge that can guide one to wise decision-making.


Life education is left to parents, relatives and their living environment, and often does not include basic knowledge relating to personal finance, self-appraisal, or even a moral compass.


The combination of these does not prepare people for the Global Village, nor does it give them the necessary knowledge, experience and mindset to enable them to become successful in a global caring sharing economy.


Understanding other cultures, thereby gaining valuable insights, can only be attained through in-depth experiences in such cultures that combine thought provoking activities that lead to a respect and appreciation of other Global Villagers.


The Starlight Educaltural Institute has been set up to undertake much needed research on these issues which will lead to the development of activities that promote a Global Village Mindset in citizens around the world... a world in dire need of people with not only leadership and entrepreneurial skills and education, but also the cultural integrity and world view to lead mankind into a golden age of humane behaviour for a truly caring Global Village Civilization.


As such, the social aspects under scrutiny will at first include learning as it relates to formal and informal education to enable individuals to develop necessary skills and knowledge, as well as culture in all its varied presentations around the globe.


S.E.I  will synergize existing knowledge and expand research to present reports on enhancing the Global Village's qualities and opportunities for growth along a "humane" path.


S.E.I  members, supporters and sponsors will review these and other aspects while considering the synergistic impact of technology, transportation, media, the internet and other sectors that are part of our developing Global Village civilization.


S.E.I  is developing innovative concepts that will help participants to effectively experience other cultures and lifestyles in existing cultural specificities around the world that will encourage and prepare them to actively participate and promote a Global Village Mindset.





    ...having or showing kindness, care and sympathy towards others, as well as a willlingness to work together towards a common goal for shared benefits.

    ...intended to have a civilizing or refining effect on people.


    considerate, understanding, sympathetic, tolerant; lenient, forbearing, forgiving, merciful, mild, gentle, tender, clement, benign, humanitarian, charitable; caring, solicitous; warmhearted, tenderhearted, softhearted