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The Starlight Educaltural Institute welcomes you, and your interest in becoming one of our Supporters.



So how to "support" ?

  1. Time :

    • Some of our tasks are classified as "grunt work", that is to find relevant information that forms part of a bibliography, a listing of sources that have been used to support an educaltural hypothesis.

    • We need people to help us discover these sources, whether they be as simple as a posting on a social media network or a published article, whether in a newspaper or magazine, or even a limited distribution report about education and/or culture, or a more widely popular book, whether based on real facts or fictional scenarios.

    • And of course for such support there should be rewards.  In this case we have gifts and a yearly prize draw.


  2. Professional analysing and articling :

    • If you are a professional in a related field of expertise, then we certainly need you, for the above of course, but more importantly to help us analyse submissions to develop viable educaltural hypothesises that are both logical and practical.

    • And of course you will be encouraged to contribute articles to S.E.I 's " Say It Loud!" newsletter.

    • The reward is of course the contribution to a Global Village Mindset, along with recognition through co-authorship of reports.


  3. Donation :

    • No matter your status, we are not hesitant to welcome your monetary donations.


  4. Newsletter Registation :

    • For some, now is a time to check us out to find out what we do and how successful we are, and that's ok too. 

    • That's why we have created S.E.I 's "Say It Loud!" newsletter to let the public know us while at the same time promoting a Global Village Mindset.


So, which one will it be ?


A or B ?

Fill out our Supporter Application form today.

We will contact you as soon as we review your application.


C ?

For those wishing only to donate, simply click on the button to go to our Canadian sister company's PayPal link and type in the amount of your donation...    Donation


D ?

Keeping abreast of  S.E.I 's progress and findings is also a welcomed support.  Please fill out S.E.I 's Say It Loud ! Newsletter Registration form.






Good deeds should always be rewarded !

  • With time being an important part of any research endeavour, those who contribute their time to do some "grunt work" (grunters) for S.E.I  qualify to receive a personalized founder-signed Super Supporter certificate, a S.E.I  pin, a S.E.I  logo'd t-shirt or cap or mug, or a set of S.E.I  car bumper, window and laptop/pad stickers, depending on the number of qualified articles (QA) that they submit.

And for each qualified submission, registered "grunters" will have their name put into a yearly draw for outstanding prizes, to be announced at the beginning of each year with a draw to be held at the end of that year.


All registered "grunters" will receive a personalized founder-signed Super Supporter certificate and a S.E.I  pin upon submission of at least 10 Qualified Articles related to S.E.I 's information criteria (as periodically determined by S.E.I ).  Further submissions will lead to rewards as follows:  at 25 >> a set of S.E.I  car bumper, window and laptop/pad stickers; at 50, 75 and 100 QAs >> choice of a S.E.I  logo'd t-shirt or cap or mug;  and 200 QAs >> to be determined.

  • All donators receive a personalized founder-signed Supporter Certificate and a S.E.I  pin, as well as...

Donate $25  

get a car bumper, window, laptop/pad S.E.I  sticker set

 ...and mention in S.E.I 's Say It Loud ! newsletter

Donate $50  

get a S.E.I  t-shirt  (see available designs and sizes here)

...and mention in S.E.I 's Say It Loud ! newsletter

Donate $75  

get a S.E.I  t-shirt and cap  (available designs and sizes here)...

...and mention in S.E.I 's Say It Loud ! newsletter

Donate $100  

get a S.E.I cap amd mug and honorary mention on S.E.I 's website ...and in the Say It Loud ! newsletter (with photo) 

Contributions are in Canadian Dollars.





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