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NEWS - 2020  
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April 16, 2020

Deregistration of S.E.I

Sadly, even S.E.I fell to the COVID-19 global pandemic.  No, we are all healthy and safe, but we have had to deregister the Institute that was based in Hong Kong.  Therefore, as of April 16th, the Starlight Educaltural Institute no longer exists as a corporate entity.


However, our founder, Dr. J.L. St-Arnaud, as agreed to support the content's presence on the web so that any and all interested in S.E.I's content, missions or wisdoms may continue to have access.


Wish you a healthy and safe life during these crisis times.




January 1, 2020

Happy New Year

All of us here at grp.Starlight  wish you and yours

the best for 2020 :

    • Warmth of love

    • Comfort of home

    • Joy for your children

    • Company and support of family and friends

    • A caring heart that accepts and treats all human beings equally

    • Enrichment of knowledge and richness of diversity

    • Courage to seek and speak the truth, even if it means standing alone

    • Hopes and dreams of a just world and the desire to make it happen

    • A light to guide your path

    • Helping hands to strengthen unity

    • Serenity and peace within your mind, heart and soul

    • Food for thought and soul

    • A hand to hold

    • A path to follow

    • A goal to achieve





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