Updated: 2022-10-19

Global Village Mindset  


The Starlight Educaltural Institute's  GVM  is a way of thinking and behaving that enables concerned citizens to facilitate their journey towards a better life by joining with like-minded Global Citizens.



It  is also a set of tools, training, relationships and venues that allow members to achieve their goals relating to a better life in a humane environment.




Philosophy :


Look at the world not just as it is,

but also as how you want it to be,

then make it that way.



Concept : best told as a monologue


“I’ve seen the future.  I go there in my mind as often as I can every day.  I don’t live here in the present with all of you.  I live there, in the future.  When we reach it, you’ll understand why. 


You’ll understand how unbearable the present is to me… to be limited like this, to watch people die from sicknesses that could be cured today, while other illnesses we’ll be able to cure twenty years from now.  To watch men and women go to war and die over oil, when energy from solar can be abundant for everyone.  In the present, we have to watch starvation killing millions of people, when food could be available from the oceans… and better distribution to all… with less waste.  Even housing has become problematic, with more and more becoming homeless because of the greed of a few financial "experts" and the intransigence of politicians in caring only for themselves.


We muddle around blindly on this small rock in a vast ocean of wonders that await our exploration.  We’re trapped here like flightless birds, but we will be soaring through the cosmos soon enough.  These are the things that I cannot stand about the present. 


I prefer the future.


I prefer to be optimistic about what true Global Villagers can accomplish by working together… without greed, without selfishness… in a triple-win Global Village Mindset.”        (An extrapolation from  David Simpson’s writings and interviews.)



People should remember that we cannot say for sure what will happen in the future— it has not been written.  We can only remind others of something they already know: that the quest for more consciousness is the ultimate path for humanity.  More intelligence, more creativity, more perception leads to greater truth.  Limiting our knowledge has only ever led to stagnation and misery, and recently by abuse from those “in power”.  Exponentially increasing our intelligence and understanding will increase our compassion so that we can break from our current shackles.


William Blake said it very well: The man who never alters his opinion becomes like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.


Although the Chinse proverb “May you live in interesting times” was originally meant as a curse, presumably, more and more people in this era take its meaning as a positive mindset, one encouraging us to remember that “times are a changing” and that we must be, or become, adaptable beings.


But the Global Village Mindset goes even further than that.


Most of us will recall the adage that “knowledge is power and power corrupts, so absolute knowledge corrupts absolutely.”


But this saying is flawed.  


Although power can, indeed, corrupt, those that it does corrupt are corrupted precisely because of their lack of wisdom, knowledge, and imagination !


People think that wealth leads to happiness.  Since in some situations that is true, most think that greater wealth leads to greater happiness.  Others think that because they are wealthy they are smarter than the rest, that they are the successful ones.  And of course some think that because they are wealthy they should be the ones to lead us.


To think that one is better than others solely on the luck of being born to riches, or of being at the right place at the right time to gain wealth, or even to benefit from corruption and/or manipulation of others, that is the height of real arrogance.  There is no wisdom, true knowledge or imagination involved.  There is no innovation, initiative, creativity or synergy involved.


True wealth, and power, comes from seeing the interconnections between all things, between all beings, so as to increases a being’s ability to make ethical and wise decisions. The more holistic a being’s knowledge becomes, the more ethical and moral that being becomes.


We therefore should not be afraid to seek knowledge. 

We should actually embrace its pursuit.


However, such a race to more knowledge should be tempered with patience, with sound analysis, and shared decision making by multi-faceted groups, not just leaders or related experts.


So the best way to gain knowledge, and therefore more power, is to actually share this knowledge with others, freely and honestly, for the benefit of our civilization’s survival, or at least with as many people as possible to have an impact, no matter how slight.


If you share some of our emotion as depicted in the above commentary, and wish to have an impact on something greater than yourself, then please join others to build a synergistic strength to have an impact. 


Even better, join us ! 


Help us to achieve major impacts on our Global Village civilization with your own articles on social media, such as mine on LinkedIN titled "Sharing Global Village Wisdoms".  


Join us as humane Earthlings wanting a better life for ALL passengers on our Blue Marble Spaceship.






More information to follow as we expand...

and simplify our Global Village Mindset concept. 


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