The Starlight Educaltural Institute is first and foremost a research centre dedicated to the analysis and synergizing of information from a variety of sectors, notably education, culture, traditions, governance, finance, science, technology, housing, health care, entertainment and travel.

As such, it is also a centre of dissemination of garnered knowledge to its membership to enable them to better their lifestyle… and future.


The Institute is also mandated to share some of this knowledge with the general public.


And that is were this Chairman's Commentary page comes in.


Our Chairman, Dr. Jacques St-Arnaud, has always been one to want to help others, whether they be family, friends… or strangers.  He has already been doing many volunteer lectures (check out a partial list) to a variety of groups, from schools to organizations and even government units, such as the Hubei Provincial Library in Wuhan, China, and even on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIN.  We have therefore decided to give him another venue to “spread the word” to the public.


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Wish you pleasant reading.

Hope you visit often for more insights on our Global Village… and Mindset.


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