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Further to the Canadian government's request for submissions to its Central Mortage & Housing Corporation on suggestions for improving housing choices and the housing market in Canada under its Adaptable & Accessible Housing category.  S.E.I was pleased to present its take on affordable self-sustaining housing for the expanding Canadian seniors' cohort.


Although at first blush our October 21st submission seems to be of concern only to Canadians, further reading will show you that Canada's "predicament" is not unique.  Numerous countries face similar tough decisions in trying to deal with the exponential growth in this demographic.


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Villa Alfred Xavier

Seniors’ Manor




S.E.I’s Villa Alfred Xavier, or VAX, is a pilot project proposal that is a vital part of a 4th phase in its research related to seniors’ education, lifestyles, culture, health, needs, et al, that aims to promote common denominators that can lead to higher living standards for them, at more affordable costs.  S.E.I’s research clearly shows a strong link not just between happiness and health, but also in a need for participaCtion in society, especially when it is coupled with valorizing activities, and whether remunerative in nature or not.




We have a tendency to think of housing as a single purpose accommodation.  But the reality is that housing is multi-use, with doctors’ private practice offices and SoHos being only the more publically visible indicators of this aspect of housing.


Current research efforts on the links between seniors’ health, finances, housing and living environment and their overall health services requirements are still in their infancy but already indicate what many have known for along time: “Happiness Equals Healthy Life”.


Regrettably, developed cultures have “evolved” to the point were they now “put aside” their seniors as so much “useless” cohorts.


S.E.I’s research has been motivated by observations of developed cultures that have “evolved” to the point were they now “put aside” their seniors as so much “useless” cohorts.  Note that this conundrum is occurring not only in Canada but also around the world wherever a society attains a certain level of population wealth.

S.E.I’s research has also been motivated by talks in the media and other venues of a crisis in health and related services in the coming years as the overall population ages into its “golden years”.


Regrettably, we have also, and actually continue to hear about shortages in seniors' health services combined with an increase in fees for such services.  We are seeing more and more articles that elaborate quite vividly on the plight of some families. Families considered average, as much financially as in available resources to take care of ageing family members.


A sad state of affairs for sure.  But what about the flip side?  A study by the Toronto District Health Council many years ago confirmed that there was waste in emergency services.  Out of a million visits, only 200,000 qualified as true emergencies. With an average cost of $100 per such visit, we are talking about a "loss" of $80,000,000.


Hence cuts backs in services as government and related organizations try to balance their budgets to meet seniors’ rising expectations coupled with exponential growth in demand.   As researcher David Globerman of the Running to Daylight Foundation of Toronto stated: "All that is ok for people who can afford private care, or those with lower than average revenues who qualify for subsidized care... but there is a group with average revenues who become impoverished when they have to provide such services themselves.”  He went further, stating that: “As a society, we do not valorize them (seniors).  And when there is a shortage of resources, they fall to the bottom of the barrel."


We could continue to talk on and on about the services, their quality, in "residences" and other health care centres for the aged, but you get the picture… a bleak picture for sure!  So enough talk!  Time for action.


Seniors are looking for alternatives, not just in health services, but also in housing.


S.E.I’s research shows that there is a third element at play in this phenomenon.


That is why the principal objective of S.E.I’s Villa Alfred Xavier is to maintain and even enhance the "global health" of resident-members... retirees (aged 55 to 70, or more) who are still autonomous.


Comfort, security, attention to details, small luxuries, economics of scale, activities and valorization… they all lead to happiness which leads to a healthy life.


To do this, VAX will offer services that have a synergistic positive influence on the living environment of these seniors, while at the same time helping them to maintain a healthy valorization.  The complex will include specialized lodging that will be affordable to all members (who do not qualify for subsidized public housing, and do not have a large enough revenue base to pay for condo type luxury on their own), as well as activities and services that will help them to make ends meet, plus accentuate the prestige of the project.


S.E.I’s Villa Alfred Xavier Manor, or VAX, is a pilot project proposal that is a vital part of a 4th phase in its research related to education, student lifestyles, culture, seniors’ needs, et al, that aims to promote common denominators that can lead to higher living standards for seniors, at more affordable pricing.  In order to ensure management transparency and a profit for resident-investor-members, the Villa Alfred Xavier Manor will be incorporated as a private for-profit provincial entity, and will allow resident-members to actively participate in the management of the residence-Villa, and to individually profit from same.


It is S.E.I’s hope that its Villa Alfred Xavier Manor complex will eventually serve as a model for other seniors’ housing projects by showcasing the health, both mental and physical, and emotional benefits of participaCtion in a quality environment that is not only intergenerational in nature, but also emphasizes activities, and valorization, worthy of their efforts… proving that they are not a “useless” cohort, but rather a “fountain of knowledge and experience”.



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